Recent Work: Barrio

Just in time for Cinco de Mayo, we’re excited to announce the launch of the Barrio rebrand.

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This work is a sub-set of a much broader project to integrate and align Heavy Restaurant Group’s overall portfolio of brands.

Working closely with their Managing Partner and his staff, we uncovered issues and opportunities for growth. We helped them to clarify who they are and what makes them special relative to the competition. With this knowledge, we redesigned dozens of customer touchpoints to perform more effectively. This included everything from  designing menus to be more user-friendly (and more profitable) to increasing the visibility of their restaurant locations, to creating materials that support an increased emphasis on Group Dining and Catering, to email marketing and social media.

You can check out their new website here: And if you don’t have plans for tonight, you should pay them a visit (we highly recommend the Dungeness Crab Chile Relleno).

By admin: May 5th, 2011

Recent Work for Expedia


Problem: How to communicate the fact that Expedia Inc. is now officially the world’s largest travel company – with business operations in 67 countries around the globe?

Solution: Use each of those 67 flags to create a simple, bold symbol that can easily and effectively be applied to a wide range of materials – from t-shirts and mousepads to advertisements and campaign banners.

By admin: September 27th, 2010

Simplifying Complexity at the PSAMA

In the Fall or 2009, we kicked off a major initiative with the leadership of the PSAMA to address several issues with their organization. Among the questions they faced were:

· How to get a decentralized team that is entirely made up of part-time volunteers to deliver a unified brand?

· How to increase their visibility in the community and attendance at events without increasing their budget?

· How to differentiate their offer from the competition?

The posters from the launch (shown below) summarize the results. For more detail, take a look at the full PSAMA Launch Story (pdf).

01. PSAMA Poster

02. PSAMA Poster

03. PSAMA Poster

04. PSAMA Poster

05. PSAMA Poster

By admin: April 15th, 2010

Recent Work: Marketing to Healthcare CEOs



Just completed recommendations for a management consultancy’s business development effort directed towards healthcare CEOs.

While the starting point was the creation of a single printed piece, we helped them to:

A. Step back and evaluate their entire business development process.
B. Organize their messaging according to its different stages (using the visual framework shown above).
C. Develop concepts for communicating their expertise, and the results of a patient survey, in a way that would attract attention and be immediately understandable.

By admin: December 11th, 2009

Recent Work: Brand Identity Integration

Just completed recommendations for modifications to the brand identity of one of Europe’s largest telecom companies. To help combat several strong competitors, they were looking for ways to more effectively differentiate themselves.

As with many organizations, their once crisp visual presence in the market had grown blurry over time. Given this, our recommendation was to avoid layering on yet another approach and instead to do more with less. By focusing their efforts on their visual identity’s most unique and identifiable elements – and eliminating the rest – they could achieve greater consistency, greater visibility, greater differentiation – and save a lot of money in the process.

By admin: November 16th, 2009

Brand Development Consultancy Helps Conquer Complexity

Seattle, Washington, November 3, 2009 — Company founder Jeff Culver announced the launch of Modulor Associates, a brand development consultancy that helps organizations clarify complex issues and simplify customer interactions.

Jeff is best known for his “Purple Map”, a visualization of 2004 presidential election data that quickly communicated the state-by-state distribution of individual Democrat and Republican voters (in contrast to the more common red and blue electoral maps). In the days following the election, the map of Purple America went viral and was viewed by millions around the world.

Prior to Modulor, Jeff served as Washington Mutual’s VP of Brand Identity & Design where he helped the 60,000 person organization simplify their internal operations and customer interactions. During his tenure he established systems for delivering an integrated brand identity and led projects to make ATM’s more user-friendly, branch forms easier to fill out, directional signage easier to follow, and customer statements easier to understand.

Today, as complexity threatens to overwhelm more and more organizations, Modulor offers expertise for creating order from the chaos. Visual frameworks and a collaborative process help simplify decisions, uncover opportunities, inspire action, and eliminate the interactions that infuriate customers and damage companies’ reputations.

The Modulor team has prior experience with a broad range of organizations, including Apple, Swatch, Coca-Cola, Dwell Magazine, First Data Corp, Getty Images, Jet Blue, Microsoft, MTV, Nintendo, and WaMu. Their work has been recognized in numerous design publications, as well as MSNBC, The Baltimore Sun, The Boston Globe, and NPR.

Additional company information can be found online at

By admin: November 2nd, 2009